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Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions | Merchant Industry

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 in Merchant Industry | 0 comments

Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

solutions_ccprocessing-460x300If you’re running a business of any type, it is essential that you accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment. More and more people are moving away from carrying cash, and checks are becoming obsolete and inconvenient. Credit card payment processing solutions will give you the ability to accept all major credit cards, which can be a big boost to your business.
Merchant Industry has been helping small and large businesses alike get the great credit card payment processing solutions they need for years, and we can help your business as well. We keep our transaction and processing fees low, which makes it possible for businesses of all types to accept plastic payments. In addition, many studies have shown that customers spend more per transaction when using credit or debit cards, so your business can increase the per-customer revenue it is bringing in.

Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions | Flexibility

One of the most important things to consider when evaluating which credit card processing company to go with is how flexible the service is. Here at Merchant Industry, we offer a variety of different options including wireless terminals, e-Commerce Internet Business options, mobile payment solutions and much more. We can also change and adjust the services you use as your business grows. Our credit card payment processing solutions will help allow you to accept payments from customers in the way your customers want to pay.
In addition to accepting normal credit and debit cards, we can set up your company to accept gift cards as well. Rather than issuing paper gift cards, which often appear unprofessional, and are very easy to fake, you can use modern gift cards using your own company logo. You can even allow customers to reload them in your store or online, which is a great way to keep customers coming back again and again. Our credit card payment processing solutions allow your company to serve your customers in the most advanced and convenient ways possible.

Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions | Contact Us Today

If you are thinking about accepting credit or debit cards in your business, or you’re unhappy with your current credit card payment processing solutions, contact us today. Merchant Industry will take the time to discuss your specific needs, and set up a solution that will work for you. We can quickly set you up with the right services for you, so you can begin accepting credit, debit or gift card payments right away. Call us at 866-811-1005 to speak with one of our friendly customer service professionals.
Whether you’re ready to sign up today, or you still have some questions about credit card payment processing solutions, we are here for you. We’d be happy to explain how our services work, how they can benefit your business, and answer any other questions you might have. Most new customers are pleasantly surprised at just how quickly and easily they can begin accepting these types of payments. No matter how big or small your business is today, we can provide you with the credit card payment processing solutions you need to take your company to the next level.

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Best Merchant Service Companies | Standing Out from the Competition

Posted on Aug 26, 2013 in Merchant Industry | 0 comments

Merchant Industry

Best Merchant Service Companies

Owning or operating a business can be extremely difficult. There are an endless number of things that you have to worry about every day, and getting them all right is absolutely essential. No matter what business you’re in, however, making sure you are able to accept payments from your customers should be one of the number one things you consider. Finding the best merchant service companies is essential. When you get it right, you will be able to enjoy hassle free payments for years to come. If you choose the wrong company, however, you may be struggling with service interruptions, limited technologies and other difficulties, which can cause loss of sales.
When looking for the best merchant service companies it is important to go deeper than simply finding the ones which will allow you to accept the major credit cards. The fact is, virtually every processing company can take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other top card issuers. Businesses today need to go further than that and look at what additional products, services or technologies their merchant services provider can offer. Merchant Industry has been a leader in a wide range of different products and services for years, and we’re happy to offer these benefits to new customers too.

Best Merchant Service Companies | Extensive Options for Your Company

The best merchant service companies will be able to meet all your payment processing needs from day one. Here at Merchant Industry, for example, you won’t just be given a credit card swipe machine to hook up to your cash register. We can help you to set up and accept payments over the Internet through e-Commerce business solutions. We can also allow you to take mobile payments right on a smart phone, which will allow you to expand your business in ways you may not have ever thought possible.
Of course, you will also be able to accept all the major credit cards no matter how you are doing business. This includes the options for credit transitions, debit transactions, custom gift cards, gift cards issued through 3rd parties like MasterCard or Visa, and much more. If there is a specific merchant processing service you require, we can almost certainly provide it to you. We always work hard to meet and exceed our client needs, which is why we are one of the best merchant service companies today.

Best Merchant Service Companies | Reliable Service

Many businesses today have learned the difficult lesson that no matter how many services a company can promise, they are useless if they can’t provide the reliability you require. Having the ability to accept payments 24/7/365 is essential for most businesses today, and that is just what we offer. Our proven network will ensure that when your customers are ready to purchase, our system is ready to process it for your company. As one of the best merchant service companies in the world, we want to ensure we can help your company be as successful as possible. If you have any questions, or would like a free quote, please contact us at 866-811-1005 today.

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Internet Credit Card Terminal | Making Sales Online

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 in Merchant Industry | 0 comments

internet credit card terminalInternet Credit Card Terminal

Businesses today need to leverage the power of the internet in order to stay competitive. While every company is unique, the internet can be a powerful tool to help grow and expand just about any type of business. If, however, you can’t take payments online it is impossible to turn people who are visiting your site into actual customers. Merchant Industry offers a state of the art internet credit card terminal which will allow you to accept payments from all major credit and debit card holders.
When people are browsing your site for the products and services you are offering they can now purchase them with just a few clicks. The internet credit card terminal will process the transaction using the same encrypted technologies as if they were swiping the card in a store. Near instant approval will have the funds in your account and a confirmation page displayed to the customer. You can decide whether you will be shipping the items directly to customers, or have the purchase available for pickup in your store.

Internet Credit Card Terminal | Easy Setup & Low Fees

Merchant Industry can help you set up your virtual internet credit card terminal right on your site extremely quickly. We can often get customers up and processing transactions online in under a day, which means you can start doing business online right away. In addition to the ease of setup, we also offer the lowest fees in the industry. Depending on the specifics of how you want your account setup we will just take a small percentage of each transaction or charge a small fee. We can explain the fee structure quickly and easily while discussing your account on the phone.
Unlike many merchant processing companies, we know that we will become more successful only when our clients become more successful which is why we do everything we can to keep our fees low. Of course, we’ll never sacrifice the quality of the services either. Our internet credit card terminal is the fastest and most effective way to get your business up and making sales on the web.

Internet Credit Card Terminal | Increased Sales Opportunities

Most traditional companies are only open for limited hours each day, and then they have to close due to the fact that they don’t get enough customers during the night to justify staying open. When you have an internet credit card terminal, however, you can get new orders coming in all day and all night. Anyone who happens to come across your ecommerce site can make a purchase no matter what time of day it is. Even weekends and holidays can be considered business hours when you have the power of the internet credit card terminal working for you.
If you’re thinking about expanding your business to the internet, don’t delay another day. Call one of our professional customer service professionals at 866-811-1005 and we’ll help you get everything set up quickly and easily. We are also here to answer any questions you might have about how the technology works and what it can do for your business.

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Sign Up for a Merchant Account to Begin Accepting Credit

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 in Merchant Industry | 0 comments

sign_up_merchant_account_onlineSign Up for Merchant Account

Accepting credit and debit cards at your business is of the utmost importance. More people carry plastic than they do actual money, which means you need to cater to these individuals. Failure to do so can lead in the loss of sales. You want to collect every possible sale you can, so it’s important to have a POS system where credit and debit cards can be processed, whether it’s in person or online. Sign up for a merchant account today to begin.

Sign Up for a Merchant Account Online

We make the process very simple for you. Our goal is to help you sign up for a merchant account quickly so you can begin processing credit and debit cards from customers almost immediately. Each day you wait on getting a merchant account setup is another day that goes by where you are losing customers because they don’t have the ability to pay you in the way they are most comfortable – by using a plastic card.

By being able to sign up for a merchant account over the internet, you choose the time that is convenient for you. Whether it’s the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you do at night, the application is always available to you. You simply fill out the pertinent information and we will review it to get an account setup.

Once you have been approved for a merchant account, we will contact you to determine what kind of POS you are looking for. This will vary based upon the nature of your business. You can enjoy POS software for your computer, mobile card scanners to be able to collect payment on the go as well as various models of POS where you can place them on your checkout counter within your business.

Regardless of what you are looking for in terms of collecting credit and debit payments, we have the ability to offer it to you at Merchant Industry. It all begins by signing up for a merchant account online.

Get Perks When You Sign Up for a Merchant Account

There are many different perks when you sign up for a merchant account with us. You want the absolute best for your business and for your customers. We have state of the art equipment to provide you so you can be confident that you can always process a payment when you have a customer standing in front of you. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having your POS responding when you’re swiping a card and we see to it that it never happens.

We offer very low rates, which means you’re not throwing away a large portion of your sale to credit and debit processing fees. This is important and something you should check out before you sign up for a merchant account anywhere. We don’t hide our fees – we offer a low rate as well as a nominal amount for each transaction.

There are also no fees when it comes to filling out the application, integrating your account with your POS, or setting up your account. We also offer free fraud protection to protect both you and your customers with each and every transaction.

When you want to sign up for a merchant account online, we offer same-day approval and can fund within 12 hours. This allows you to be up and running in a very short period of time, which is important to the success of your business.

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Credit Card Payment Processing Needs to Be Reliable

Posted on Mar 2, 2013 in Merchant Industry | 0 comments


Credit card payment processing is an important part of doing business. You cannot always collect cash as payment – especially if you are doing business online. You have to make it easy for your customers to pay for their goods and services. provides you with many solutions that are designed for your business and that are reliable so you can count on them each and every day.

Types of Credit Card Payment Processing

When you look into credit card payment processing, you have to determine what is right for your business. If you are an e-commerce website, you have very different needs than a street vendor. What kind of mobility features do you need when you are collecting payment? At, it’s possible to find out exactly what you need and get it from them.

Reliability is important. You need to be able to collect payment whenever you have a customer that is ready to buy from you. this may be as simple as having them enter their credit card information in a secure portion of your website or scanning their card with a mobile POS station that you have when they come up to you at a mobile booth that you have.

There are many POS stations available to you in order to help with credit card payment processing. At the end of the day, you have to be sure that you have the right point of sale device to take payments. Depending on the size of your business, you may even need multiple point of sale devices in order to take payments.

If you cannot offer reliable credit card payment processing solutions to your customers, they will not be your customers for long. People want to know that their credit cards are being processed securely. If they have to wait for you to process their card, they are going to go somewhere else.

Affordable Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit card payment processing solutions need to be affordable. If they are not affordable, you may decide to stop accepting credit cards and debit cards – and in today’s society, that is completely unacceptable. will show you how to afford credit cards as payment with various POS systems as well as with low rates and no fees.

Instead of shelling out 3 or 4% in fees, you will pay considerably less per transaction. The rates vary based upon whether you are processing a credit card or a debit card. When you consider the fact that it allows you to accept more customers, it is a small price to pay – and one that you can write off as a cost of doing business.

There are also no fees to pay. You will have free fraud protection on all transactions and there are no setup fees or integration fees to pay. There is also no application fee that is required of you, so you can get started very easily. You need this to be able to get your business headed in the right direction and your business will grow as a result of it.

Don’t work with just any credit card payment processing company. You want one that’s reliable in terms of offering the POS that you need as well as the rates that you can actually afford.

Call today or get started online. It’s one of the simplest things you can do and the turnaround is fast, allowing you to start processing credit cards in as little as 12 hours.

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